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    Me: Colin Blunstone – One Year



    Either on the turntable (my favoured source) or the CD player:
    David Bowie: Heathen – a newish release on vinyl: a shining capsule which slow-releases delight



    Kratfwerk – Tour de France soundtracks
    Penderecki conducts Penderecki
    Peter Hammill – Over (one of those “best album ever”
    Fred Frith – Maybe Monday
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells 2003 (don’t laugh! It’s ok)
    Dave Swarbrick – The Swarb!
    Daevid Allen’s University Of Errors – Ugly Music For Monica
    Soft Machine – Noisette




    You’re the second person who said so about Tubular Bells 2003… it’s hard to believe, but now i’m curious to listen to it…

    Others current favorites:
    Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
    Shirley & Dolly Collins – Love, Death & the Lady
    Mogwai – Happy Songs for Happy People
    Odessey & Oracle – The Zombies
    Steve Burns – Songs for Dustmites



    The Blue Nile – A Walk Across The Rooftops: Scottish delight from mid 80’s.

    Elbow – Cast Of Thousands: A dark epic from Liverpool I think…

    Peter Hammill – BBC Sessions: well, this is one of Hammill’s (the lord of gloom) best performances, with songs from various stages of his creative life. Haunting, mesmerising, an album that will make you ache with pleasure.

    This Mortal Coil – The Original Versions: This is a real gem that was once released as the fourth CD of the This Mortal Coil box set (which I don’t own, and it makes me weep everytime I remember the first and only time I actually held this box, and said to myself, “aah…too expensive… maybe next time”. Well, next time never arrived, but still managed to get a hold of a copy of the 4th album.
    Roy Harper, Big Star, Tim Buckley, The Byrds, Chris Bell, Spirit, Gene Clark and other American & British classics. Excellent!



    Current regular grooves:
    ‘The Decline of British Sea Power’ British Sea Power
    ‘Invitation To Openness’ Les McCann
    ‘In Between’ Pondman
    ‘Lifted’ Bright Eyes
    ‘Headless Heroes of The Apocolypse’ Eugene McDaniels
    ‘Mono’ Lambchop


    Bel Air

    This week…

    BBC Sessions (67-71) – Soft Machine
    In A Silent Way – Miles Davis
    Casablanca Moon – Slapp Happy
    Hail To The Thief – Radiohead
    Oh Yeah – Charles Mingus
    Weasles Ripped My Flesh – The Mothers of Invention



    Elvis Costello – Get Happy re-release
    Elvis Costello – Trust re-release
    Elvis Costello – Punch The Clock re-release
    Neil Young – Harvest
    Terry Hall & Mushtaq – The Hour of Two Lights
    Tom Waits – Small Change



    Here in New Zealand it’s Sunday night, a time to take stock of the week that’s gone, with the sun, west. What has occupied the turntable?

    Roy Harper: Born in Captivity – originally the demo for ‘Work of Heart’ it has an endearing spareness that is almost Protestant;
    The Church: Starfish – apart from Dead Can Dance, my favourite Australian band, with a driving refinement: nothing rough, nothing unconsidered, but still bloody – just bloody;
    Richard Clapton: Goodbye Tiger – another Australian with a colonial nostalgia for better days: Southern Comfort without the comfort;
    Roger Quilter: Songs (Benjamin Luxon, baritone/David Willison, piano) – delightfully minor yet impeccable settings of poems by Herrick, Waller, Shelley, Blake and Tennyson: enticing as a sepia portrait of an unknown woman;
    The Comsat Angels: Sleep No More – because we all need to pretend to be young, brash, yet sorry for ourselves once more, just once more, just once….

    Max Gate



    being a fan of top ten lists, desert island picks etc., i’m happy to throw in my week’s listening.
    insect trust – hoboken saturday night
    mothers of invention – burnt weeny sandwich
    if i could only have two discs on a desert island, these
    are the two.
    jack bruce –



    not the desert island discs, but the cd’s and lp’s that turns longer here.
    Pascal Comelade – L’argot du bruit
    Daniele Sepe – Spiritus mundi (italian saxophonist who likes to mix world music and jazz-rock, this record contains a good version of “Te recuerdo Amanda”
    Tori Amos – Strange little girls
    Peter Blegvad – Choices under pressure (do I have to say a word on this great great artist?)
    Frank Zappa – Zoot allures
    Neil Young – Greendale
    AA.VV. – That’s the way I feel now (Monk tribute)



    Last update:

    Casablanca Moon – Slapp Happy (Charlie ‘N Charlie!! …what a groovy tune! < !## s;D ##>;D< !## s;D ##>)
    Under the Western Freeway – Grandaddy
    Vic Chesnutt (a compilation i’ve made)
    The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse – Bonzo Dog Band
    One Year



    “Charlie ?



    < !## s;D ##>;D< !## s;D ##> < !## s;D ##>;D< !## s;D ##>

    Jaakko: you seem very knowledgeable about Slapp Happy… do yo know if their albums are still available? And which one should i purchase next after Casablanca Moon?
    I’m in love with Dagmar Krause’s voice! < !## s:-X ##>:-X< !## s:-X ##>



    Well, every one of their albums are delightful,
    and I was a bit puzzled that “Ca Va” comeback -album
    never made into charts, it’s a masterpiece.

    I know about Dagmar’s voice, you love it (or don’t) and
    I just adore her.

    Slapp Happy’s cds are hard to get, but on Virgin label
    Casablanca Moon (1st or just “Slapp Happy)/Desperate
    Straights (with Henry Cow) 2cds on 1 might still be
    available, CaVa came out on Branson V2 label and I have seen it often, Sort Of is pretty rare (I have LP) on obscure label (1 bonustrack), Acnalbasac Noom was reissued by Cutler’s Recommended Records (couple of bonustrracks) and secondhandLPs have ridiculous prices.
    I e-mailed to Japan about the Live in Japan CD and the guy wrote that he’s trying to find a distributor in Europe.

    Dagmar is on Art Bears CDs too, great stuff.


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