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    After a month on the road it’s good to get back to my sea view – and you….While away I was listening to:

    The Clash: London Calling – This was the first song I played after the birth of my son some nineteen years ago so it has history for me beyond the ferocity of its delivery; somehow I hear it as caring (which, of course, Strummer was).

    Aspen: Are You That Retail Snob? – One of my hosts was an electronica junkie. It’s not a genre I’ve a lot of time for, although this outfit (one Brendan Smith twiddling knobs) is ideal if you feel like drinking a shiraz as the tide ebbs.

    Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works 85-92 – Okay, so I’m late with this: I like it less than Aspen but suspect that they needed Aphex Twin as a model. Listening to this is like watching a brilliant preschooler construct a cathedral in his sandpit.

    Max Gate



    Frank Zappa & The Mother’s Uncle Meat. I am on the track Sleeping In A Jar.



    ah, everyone is listening to fine things.

    i’ve heard a lot of my old krautrock albums in the last week (due to illness) e.g. things like

    popol vuh – affenstunde

    weird stuff.



    – Dagmar Krause & Marie Goyette: A Scientific Dream &
    French Kiss

    – The Commuters

    – Tipographica: The Man Who DoesnNot Nod

    – Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath: 1. & Travelling Somewhere

    – Gong: Acid Motherhood

    And anything from Magma ’cause they’re going be here in Helsinki 26.4. Kobaia Forever!




    last night i watched to ‘the last waltz’-dvd.

    what a film.


    Bel Air

    Frank Zappa & The Mother’s Uncle Meat. I am on the track Sleeping In A Jar.

    That is a truly wondrful album



    Bob Dylan – Live 1964. ?



    i listened to the first two slapp happy lp’s – sort of and acnalbasac moon (also known as casablanca moon).




    Art Bears live (unknown bootlegged concert)

    This Heat

    Daevid Allen – Live In New York (bootleg)


    Has anyone ever asked about the CD, Slapp Happy Live in Japan? You may be able to find a copy on Amazon.com (not on Amazon.co.jp, unfortunately).

    Then, for those who might be interested in what sort of music a Japanese is listening to, my list (in the recent week):
    Chicago; a bootleg live, maybe captured in ’69, very early days.
    Phish; a bootleg live at Lemonwheel Festival in 1998.
    Miles Davis; Complete Jack Johnson Sessions.
    George Harrison; All Things Must Pass and Cloud Nine
    Robert Johnson; Complete Recordings.
    King Crimson; Earthbound and USA

    I ordered just now to Wayside Music a copy of Gary Windo’s recent CD which is said to include some tunes with RW. Check http://www.waysidemusic.com

    For a prog rock lover in west, I’d like to recommend “Yonin Bayashi,” the best Japanese prog band in ’70s, which name is “four-man band” in Japanese. If interested, why not try to access Amazon.co.jp for a copy, which HP also provides English pages.

    Good luck,



    butterfield blues band – east/west
    the electric flag – a long time coming
    kooper/bloomfield/stills – super session
    kooper/ bloomfield – live adventures



    Zeebras, I remember the intensity of MB’s playing. The way each note hangs like a skyrocket at the end of its climb, then descends into (his) darkness. I get something of this in the playing of someone who is light years removed from the blues: Tristan Dingemans of High Depencency Unit, whose recordings have been described as ‘a river of fire’.



    max, you’re never too old to rock out.



    Zeebras, you’re generous when you suggest that you’re never too old to rock’n’roll. Clearly Mick Jagger is, although I’m prevented from embarrassing myself because I write this from Glenorchy Hotel, near Queenstown, in New Zealand. My portly friend and I, midway through a geriatric tramp, are stranded by heavy snowfalls. The other day was a torment: a commercial coach with the Greatest Hits of Chicago and Abba on endless repeat. Do they choose drivers on the basis of bad taste? Whatever I did in a past life I don’t deserve ‘Fernando’.

    Before I left the comfort of my stereo I was listening to Fairport Convention’s ‘What We Did On Our Holidays’. This album has been with me (in numerous copies) since I was fifteen. It delivers as surely as an old lover who understands your body. It is delicious, and I continue to love it unreservedly.

    Also on the turntable were Dylan’s spare yet endearing ‘John Wesley Harding’, various absurd but memorable works by The Fall, and Roy Harper’s granite-like ‘Lifemask’.

    I appear to be revisiting my youth. And you?

    Max Gate



    a lot of vinyl on the turntable these days, concentrating, it seems, on obscure and not so obscure american west coast psychedelic folk/rock/blues:
    lowell george & the factory- lightning rod man
    a nice mix of folk/rock and weirdness, like buffalo springfield crossed with “freak out” by the mothers.
    fraternity of man – fraternity of man
    fraternity of man – get it on
    essentially the factory without lowell, but replaced by elliot ingber. more psychedelic blues/rock weirdness, with a heavy nod to early zappa.
    little feat – little feat
    little feat – sailin shoes
    little feat – dixie chicken
    lowell george, post mothers of invention. these three albums are the equal to “music from big pink” “the band” and “stage fright”. the first two, with roy estrada in the band, are absolutely essential. dixie chicken is just simply fantastic. it was downhill from here.
    the asylum choir – look inside the asylum choir
    l.a. pop weirdness from leon russell and marc benno.
    daughters of albion- daughters of albion
    the duo of greg dempsey and kathy yesse doing,
    that’s right, you guessed it, psychedelic folk/rock. produced and arranged by leon russell, and not unlike the asylum choir record. kathy yesse would go on to record an album for zappa’s discreet label, as kathy dalton, with little feat backing her up.
    the holy modal rounders – eat the moray eels
    possibly the strangest record in my collection
    tim buckley – dream letter – live in london 1968
    a stunner.

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