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    Roy Harper: ‘Folkjokeopus’ (Science Friction reissue)
    Tim Hardin: Hang On To A Dream: The Verve Recordings’ (2CD)
    Badfinger: ‘No Dice’ (Apple 2010 remaster)
    The Incredible String Band: ‘Wee Tam & The Big Huge’

    That last title, which reminds me of ‘Tam O’Shanter’ by Robert Burns, summons up a childhood where piano accordions and after-dinner recitations precluded television.

    All of these albums come from a time when the world seemed (to me) like a foundation; now I feel like a foundling in it.



    Tomasz Stanko: ‘From the Green Hill’ (ECM 1999)

    This is beguiling. It moves like a rowboat: nowhere in particular, yet gently.



    The Beatles: White Album

    Perhaps because it is a – THE – manual of the modern song (blues, Tin Pan, proto-metal) the White Album manages to be a masterpiece without always being a good record.

    I type to ‘Dear Prudence’: Lennon’s flawless vocal supported by McCartney’s pulsing bass… Words don’t so much fail me as seem superfluous. The longing in this song has the authenticity of sweat and the shimmer of inspiration.



    many, many posts ago, i lamented the fact that bluegrass music was under-represented in my music library. since then, there has been a slow but steady rectification of this. some favorites have been getting a spin this weekend:
    the foggy hogtown boys – scotch and sofa
    a band from toronto who mix bluegrass, old time string band and appalachian styles, either traditional and standards of the genre or original compositions. these guys can hold their own with any of the top bluegrass bands.
    andrew collins – little widgets
    andrew is the fiddler and manolin player with the foggys. this is an all instrumental affair, with all but two tunes witten by andrew. it certainly has a bluegrass flavour, but there are other influences at work, including jazz and classical.
    rosalyn dennett and alison de groot – the holler
    these two gals are members of a winnipeg band called oh my darling. they, too, play a mix of bluegrass, old-timey and appalachian. rosyln plays fiddle and sings, alison plays banjo and sings, and they’ve got that old timey string band thing down pat.
    the one thing that really strikes me about these discs is the honesty and pure soul of the music. these aren’t people jumping on a band wagon, they’re musicians playing this music with love, respect and a fresh perspective.



    Tangerine Dream: ‘Zeit’ (1972)

    I float, clear headed, through the Milky Way. But I know my oxygen is running out so my anxiety increases despite the beauty of what is around me.

    Then I lose consciousness.

    When I wake I have survived re-entry to the Earth. I float, delirious, in the Pacific Ocean.



    that is strange, max. i do not listen to tangerine dream’s great ‘zeit’ album at this moment, but i listen right now to a music which can compared with it. or with klaus schulzes’ solo works: roll the dice. there new album ‘dust’ satisfies all lovers of this kind of electronic music.

    here is a link to there souncloud page where all the cosmic stuff (kind of) can be heard:




    as a lover of mr.wyatt’s music it is inevitably that sooner or later you also give the unthanks resp. rachel unthank and the winterset a listen. their interpretation of wyatt’s sea song was (is) marvellous – and their ”own” music deserves this title too.
    yesterday i bought their new album with antony hegarty and robert wyatt songs performed live in a chapel in london. today i gave it a listen. while i think the interpretations of antony’s songs are not so exciting (i my humple opinion i would say that the originals are more fascinating), i think they did beautiful versions of wyatt songs. my favourite of my first listening session is ‘out of the blue’ from comicopera. and not to forget dondestan and the clog dancing interpretation. a wonderful listening experience this was.



    I have shifted my listening back to vinyl and recent arrivals have been reissued LPs of my favourite Wyatt albums, ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Dondestan Revisited’. They are more engaging than the CD transfers I had and Robert’s humanity has never been so clear: it is in the timbre of each song.



    Long time no see Eterni-Tea!
    I’m glad to see this thread is still alive, and so is Robert and his art.

    As for the music i’ve been listening to lately:
    – the new Lambchop, “Mr. M”, which i like a lot, and which almost tastes like the best of their discography. Going to see them again live soon right on my birthday (must have seen them 5 times live already, and once with Vic Chesnutt -one of my other paraplegic heroes < !## s:- ##>:-< !## s:- ##> ).
    – Kevin Coyne’s “I Want My Crown: The Anthology 1973-1980”, with a large amount of great songs including “Lonely Lovers” which is my new favorite.
    – Annette Peacock’s “I’m the One” (1972), finally released on CD by Ironic Records. Love it!
    – Alice Coltrane’s “Lord of Lords” (1972) that i never heard before, so it came as a delicious surprise. Very ample and atmospheric sound, striking listening. I’ll come back to it very soon.
    – Baby Dee’s “Little Window”, a very moving pocket album that i discovered thanks to the track “Calvary” that features in the no less amazing film “To Die Like a Man” by the portuguese director Jo?o Pedro Rodrigues. Highly recommended if you like auteur cinema.
    …and so many more albums that should deserve a mention, but time, time… < !## s:o ##>:o< !## s:o ##>



    Let’s see what happens. . .
    The last couple of months have found me wallowing in the Renaldo and the Loaf re-issues, released by Klanggallerie Records. Nicely packaged two cd sets, one disc is the originally issued record, with the second disc of each set being related odds and ends. R and the L have been referred to as the British Residents, which is true to an extent, but they have a charming weirdness that is all their own. If you’re a fan of the strange, you can’t go wrong with these.

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