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    David Kipling

    Annie Whitehead’s NAKED, and HOME and MIX UP albums, all thanks to meeting her on SOUPSONGS.

    Also, for the last 25 years, Hugh Hopper’s HOPPERTUNITY BOX, especially the foundation-destroying fuzz bass on MINILUV. ;) ;)



    for more dagmar, don’t forget



    You can also check out the marvelous ‘News From babel’, (one of my favourites) which is a sort of an outtake from the ‘Art Bears’, whith Chris Cutler, Dagmar Kraus, Robert Wyatt, Zeena Parkins and the one and only Lindsay Cooper, who wrote all the music for the only two albums they ever released. Wyatt appears only on the second one on five tracks.
    The CD version features both albums.
    Audio samples – here!



    Wow! :D Thanks …a lot!!!


    Bel Air

    mothers of invention – burnt weeny sandwich

    That is a great, great album.



    Don’t Sing No More Sad Songs …today :

    Kevin Ayers




    Daggi’s own projects like “Vibraslaps” and the Weill/Brecht albums are all in their own right very
    listenable – and I forgot the “Camera” opera, my
    CD has a “Slapp Happy” sticker on it, Blegvad wrote
    the lyrics and Moore tunes but I have to say I find
    it a bit of a disappointment – not bad, no no, but
    it’s just an opera… or an operette…. nevermind




    Dusk with a full moon; the hills are charcoal grey rather than black. My arms ache from cutting back blackberry but Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 is climbing through the house like that rampant blackberry, hooking me. I’ve also been caught by:

    The Paul Bley Quartet: John Surman, Bill Frissell, Paul Motian – a 1987 recording with the ease yet charge of a dinner party where old friends argue ideas, trade stories, fall into silence;

    Terry Callier: Alive – a warm hug at the arrival lounge after a six-hour flight; the sense of a great distance being traversed generously by this latter-day Bojangles;

    Forbidden, Not Forgotten: Suppressed Music from 1939-45 – a three-disc CD set of pieces by composers who, for the most part, perished in concentration and labour camps under the Nazis: a reminder, at a time when the Israelis (of all people) are seeking to expel Yasser Arafat from Palestine, that bodily oppression can be terminal but spiritual oppression is impossible to enforce;

    Nic Jones: Penguin Eggs – the final song, ‘Farewell to the Gold’, references the area I live in. To listen to this is to be brought home to a spare yet mysterious place.

    Max Gate



    last week’s listening included:
    les mccann – invitation to openess
    bob belden – black dahlia
    the battered ornaments – mantlepiece
    b b king – my kind of blues
    donald byrd – kofi
    soft machine – third
    johnny cash – live at san quentin



    It’s that time of year when I start designing pyrotechnic displays for Guy Fawkes and New Year so my listening is conditioned by the need for show music. I can imagine the critique from clients and audiences alike if I used ‘Sea Song’. So, what have I been spinning?

    Lloyd Cole: Don’t Get Weird On Me, Babe – elegant, urbane, the perfect accompaniment to a rather sharp red wine;
    Killing Joke: debut album – now this could offset concussion mortars and titanium salutes. It’s like drinking Jack Daniels cut with lighting fluid;
    Joy Division: Closer – because I don’t want to grow old; it’s not the greying hair, it’s the lumbar pain. Let me lie full length on the floor and remember what it was like to hear “Heart & Soul” for the first time….
    Billy Harper: Somalia – I might be in heaven if a client let me fire a show to this sizzling saxophone; Coltrane on amphetamines,



    Emmylou Harris – Stumble Into Grace
    Mazzy Star



    I’ve been on a bit of a spree, and have been trying to get to know the following.

    Elvis Costello – North
    Bob Dylan – Street-Legal reissue (new to me)
    Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline reissue (ditto)
    Frank Black & The Catholics – Show Me Your Tears
    Elbow – Cast Of Thousands
    Paul Weller – Fly On The Wall (b-sides, rarities & covers)
    Joe Jackson – Night and Day (deluxe reissue)



    a busy week of listening.
    some new acquisitions:
    heiner goebbels-surrogate cities
    motor totemists guild-city of mirrors
    guigou chenevier-rumours of the city
    trevor watts and the celebration band
    and some old favorites:
    the bad livers-blood and mood (if the residents were a bluegrass band, they might sound like this)
    caravan-if i could do it all over…
    alvin youngblood hart-territory
    univers zero-heatwave
    cassiber-live in victoriaville (bootleg tape)
    oliver lake/reggie workman/andrew cyrille-live in
    victoriaville (bootleg tape)
    pale nudes-live in victoriaville (bootleg tape)
    and arriving in the mail next week will be fred frith/keep the dog. that should be a killer.



    Heiner Goebbels’ commissioned piece ‘Surrogate Cities’ is intense, whereas Caravan’s ‘If I Could…’ is an expansive romp; both recordings occasionally shake the foundations of my house, threatening to send me downhill into the seemingly infinite sea….

    I’ve been preoccupied with the quotidian idiocies of tax, show design, composing. While this has restricted my postings it hasn’t diminished the volume (in both senses) of music sampled over the past week or two. Having yet to audition ‘Cuckooland’, which I hope to locate when I go to Wellington/Palmerston North/Auckland to execute Guy Fawkes’ displays, I’ve been easing the disappointment with:

    The Fall: The Frenz Experiment – Mark E. Smith is like licorice, black but with an unususpected sweetness; extended consumption of either gets the bowels moving;

    Sirinu: The Complete Music of Henry VIII – the popular image of an aging despot is offset by these graceful pieces, which bear out the Venetian Ambassador’s account of the twenty-three year old Henry: “He speaks French, English, Latin, and a little Italian, plays well on the lute and harpsichord, sings from books at sight, draws the bow with greater strength than any man in England, and jousts marvellously.’



    I’m planning a tropicalian sunday with:

    Gilberto Gil – Gilberto Gil (68 )
    Jorge Ben – A T?

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