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    Hi all:

    I’m tryting to get myself a copy of the book ‘Wrong Movements: A Robert Wyatt History’ for a long time, but no far no luck. I’m wondering does any of you have an extra copy willing to sell, or is there any place that this book is still available for purchase in a reasonable price range?

    Thanks for the kind help.



    Book is out of print, and you might find it in second hand book stores.
    It’s best to buy it now for about $128. It might be your last chance…

    Here are some online links:

    I still have my copy, and read it occasionally… Book is not so well covered (only came out as soft cover), so check out its condition before purchase…

    Good Luck!



    i have a copy that i would sell. it’s unmarked, no dog ears, light crease on lower left side of cover near the spine. no cuts tears or other damage. $200. including shipping.
    if you’re interested you can email me at:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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