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    Hello Everybody,

    Does anyone knows if the hapless child is out on cd ….
    It’s a fantastic album and it’s my favorite work of Wyatt after RB
    and Moon in June.
    Around 1981 i saw Carla Bley in New York and MM was there but they never played anything of that album…
    I don’t here of that record very often…Does anybody likes that record? at all…Let’s talk about it

    I have this amazing pic too of Robert in London 1974 that came out in Extra Mag (France)…i wonder if anyone knows if that concert



    Buy Hapless Child here: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.a … tyle=music

    It is also one of my favorite albums featuring Wyatt.

    And of course Quebec’s Madeleine Islands are in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, about 215 km from the Gasp?



    – For those of you who aren’t familiar with the album, here are the credits:




    It’s been a while since I’ve listened to ‘The Hapless Child’, and looking at the credits, I noticed that Michael Mantler is credited just for engineering the project. Checking the ECM website (http://www.ecmrecords.com/ecm/recordings/WATT4.html), it says: “Compositions by Michael Mantler and lyrics from “Amphigorey” by the fur-swathed Edward Gorey, who writes and draws the “miseries of childhood”, comprise “the most bizarre album of Gorey Stories” as the Washington Post wrote. “The Hapless Child” unites Carla Bley on keyboards with Jack de Johnette on drums and Steve Swallow on electric bass with Robert Wyatt’s lisping vocals and Terje Rypdal’s soaring guitar. “The Hapless Child emerges as an extremely impressive album”- Melody Maker. “

    So I guess musical arrangements were done by Mantler, but i think Carla Bley did have a lot of influences aswell.
    I guess what caught my ears, apart from Robert’s voice, was the contrast between the keyboards and theguitar – it’s a haunted album!



    Quebecoisinthewind has responded directly to me; he places his fascination with Robert?



    On a rushed antipodean evening I’m happy to confirm that a net search has turned up ‘The Hapless Child’ on CD from the American mailorder outfit http://www.djangomusic.com (or http://www.djangos.com); just type in ‘Robert Wyatt’ in the site search engine and the virtual machinery will get you there. Please note that I am not recommending this outfit, merely answering a question about availability. And now, unfortunately, I must continue rushing like the proverbial bull at a (max) gate.

    Max Gate



    Hapless Child is a masterpiece, right! I love Hide and Seek too and it’s a must for
    all RW fans out there. HC is the album which got me addicted to Gorey too, there are
    two sequels for Amphrigorey (they’re all collections of once individually published stories)
    and if you like the words check out those drawings, just fantastic. Some appear on the
    cover of HC the album but the whole stories including the pics fits the music nice, they
    should’ve included a leaflet/book with the original album but maybe that’s too expensive.


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