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    After contemplating with myself for some time, if to post this message in this forum or if to post it at all, I’ve decided to let it go, and i’ll explain:
    We all know how the music industry is having its roughest time ever, for many reasons, and P2P software being one of those reasons. P2P programs such as ‘eDonkey’, ‘eMule’, ‘Kazaa’ and others are used to swap files between users all around the world. ‘Napster’ was the biggest and most famous, and since its fall, many P2P programs doing actually the same thing, keep on going without any interfearance, causing heavy Internet traffic and “helping” sell more retail music.
    There’s a long debate on wether these services help the industry and the artists themselves, or just cause damage, but as long as these services exist, ignoring them will plain foolish.

    So, what am I blabbering about?
    It’s a rather new P2P program (I think). It’s quite basic and simple to use. It has a search engine, chat rooms, favourite users list, and what makes it different from other programs, is that most of the music featured there is more alternative and “sophisticated” which means you can find all sorts of great music and great people out there.
    And as to Robert Wyatt and co.; I’ve found songs that I’ve been seeking for years!
    Apart from full albums, you’ll be able to find great stuff, collaborations and more….
    Think of it what you will; as long as you get to buy the album in the end, this is a great place to look for rare stuff, meet people, listen to your favourite music and above all: make your life much happier!

    I feel I must share this information with you, although there’s always been some shreds of dirt over these programs. Use this program with care, and keep it clean. We all want to find our music souls outhere; Here’s your chance…

    Here’s the link: http://www.slsk.org/ < !## s::) ##>::)< !## s::) ##>



    Is this service still active? I tried to dowload from your link as well as from others and i failed. Thank you very much.



    The service has misteriously went down.
    More info here.



    Soulseek is the best p-2-p program ever! ;)



    Thankyou Soulseek.

    I even found Brotherhood Of Breath’s 1st album +
    Travelling Somewhere which are both fabulous,
    and I’ve ordered the 2nd Cuneiform release – so
    Soulseek has helped me & (I dare say) the artist…
    well, Chris McGregor passed away years ago but you know what I mean…

    Some of the stuff is so rare that it’s pretty impossible
    to find or even PAY for it, that’s when sharing comes
    along and it doesn’t mean always that you’re ripping off
    the poor artist…




    yes i dont know where i would be without soulseek, it has brought me much incredible music



    yes i dont know where i would be without soulseek, it has brought me much incredible music

    The first rule of Soulseek is that you don’t talk about Soulseek! :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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