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    Music never sounded sweeter. It’s 6.38am and the gorgeous dawn chorus has been replaced by Santana’s ‘Borboletta’ (1974): “I am just a mirage…”

    I almost was a mirage. On the morning of 6 November my partner and I were driving across the Canterbury Plains; we picked and lost an argument with a farm truck, which proceeded to demonstrate that the steely V8 is mightier than the tinfoil sedan.

    There’s nothing like a near-death experience to enlarge the context for one’s decision-making. The most immediate consequence was my impatience, given that New Zealand was in the middle of what the late John Lennon described as the General Erection, with politicians who campaigned as if the demands of the market (an apparently all powerful but invisible god) let them disregard the imperative of sustainability. My physical fragility, felt acutely, increased my ecological sympathy.

    And, as I said, music never sounded more precious, more essential to my well-being. But my interest in the virtual world of the web has diminished so I’m unlikely to post much anywhere, including here, while our family recovers. My partner has a broken neck (but no paralysis) and it will be February 2012 before she is able to do much. So, as is fitting at Christmas, I will be tending the hearth instead of posting here.

    My thanks to the you, especially the All Golden, Zeebras, and – naturally – Robert for songs.



    my wife, who is very involved with yoga, often talks about sending out positive thoughts to those who may need it, so that’s what i’m doing for you. the most precious gift is that of good health; without it, all the money in the world is useless. know that you are loved, and let that be a part of your healing.



    max, i am very sad to read about your accident. as zeebras said, the most precious gift is health and so i wish you and your family -deep from my heart- all the best.

    and: slow motion fits perfectly to this forum. no hurry, no waste of words and time. decelerate. beautiful.



    Dear max,

    Was saddened by the later events. Hope good health finds you and you family sooner than you ever wanted.
    This forum will always be waiting for you should you decide to come back.

    If anyone would like to co-administrate this gem, please contact me at < !## e ##>eterni-tea@strongcomet.com< !## e ##>

    Take care and God Bless!

    Strong Comet

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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