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    The Independent UK is one of Robert Wyatt’s greatest fans. It would seem they try to mention him more than any other publication < !## s:D ##>:D< !## s:D ##>

    This time, in an article following Robert’s feature about Choirs around the UK and beyond on BBC3, and how singing cures body and soul, it is mentioned that Robert had just finished recording a new album with Gilad Atzmon, super Sax player and collaborator who played with Wyatt on previous recordings. 2010 is a good year for a new Wyatt album, don’t you think?



    Gilad Atzmon himself added some information at Svenn’s ‘Robert Wyatt and stuff‘ blog:

    Hi it is Gilad here, just got a news alert..so popped over. A minor correction… the album is a product of collaboration between Ros Stephen who takes care of the string parts and some compositions, Robert who sings and inspires and myself who take care of woodwind and musical production. a lot of other people are involved. I just mentioned it because it is kind of a collaboration rather than G produces Y.

    Ros Stephen is a renowned violinist. In addition to her work with Tango Siempre, Ros has performed with groups such as the Rosetta Ensemble (string quartet), the Stephen-Tempest duo (violin/cello), Ixion Ensemble (contemporary classical), Enrosque (violin/accordion), the Bath Pump Room Trio, the Emerald Ensemble, the London Mozart Players, Bristol Old Vic, Shivanova, Theatre Alibi and Homespun. Ros also leads the Sigamos String Quartet which is currently touring with Gilad Atzmon’s ‘Gilad + Strings’ project.
    More info here…



    Wondrous news indeed! This collaboration sounds right up my alley – some great news for us then and so soon off the back of the last record too. Yay!

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