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    Finally, album art is revealed. Looks like Alfie has done it again < !## s:) ##>:)< !## s:) ##>
    Almost full details are now available at Domino’s website.

    Album is on pre-order sale for 13.99 UK Pounds (LP) and 8.99 (CD), and will be now available all over!
    Album official release date is 11/10/10. < !## s:D ##>:D< !## s:D ##>



    Thanks as I just ordered! Better price here than Amazon, Ebay, etc.

    One thing on Robert’s records. I always look forward to what he says musically and lyrically. Comicopera is great as a CD. Most all of Robert’s 1970’s, 1990’s, and 21century works have been (for me). I like his eighties records too; some more than others. But I feel not at 50 years old that most artists of Robert Wyatt’s caliber, creativity and professionalism; a person can expect to find material that is good, excellent, indifferent and an occasional flop song on a record. THAT is what keeps me interested.

    It’s funny. I am reminded on something that Frank Zappa said to an audience member when the member asked a musically particular question. The guy asked in a haughty fashion about FZ’s use of an augmented dissonance tonality during an improvisational passage in one of his pieces.
    FZ responded with something like he had no idea what the guy was talking about. He played what he played and he “did not care about the math if it sounded good”.

    Robert shoots from the gut many times. I am really looking forward to October 11th, 2010!



    Never got my order. Does any one know if they have been mailed out of if they aren’t mailing until after 11/10/10?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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