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    Apart from literate offerings by stalwarts like Dylan and Cohen, along with the rarer (and therefore more intense) pleasure afforded by left-fielders like Chris Whitley and Robert Wyatt, I rarely listen to lyrics. They’re something to be overcome rather than explored. Rock/pop is largely a genre where banality is matched only by incoherence. However here’s a simple stayer from David Crosby of The Byrds:

    Everybody has been burned before
    Everybody knows the pain
    Anyone in this place can tell you to your face
    Why you shouldn’t try to love someone

    Everybody knows it never works
    Everybody knows and me
    I know that door that shuts just before
    You get to the dream you see

    I know it all too well how to turn, how to run
    How to hide behind a bitter wall of blue
    But you die inside if you chose to hide
    So I guess instead I’ll love you

    – Who do you admire as a writer of lyrics?



    peter blegvad has been a big favorite of mine. his lyrics can be very literate but also very amusing. this is definetly a man who has a love of words and wordplay.
    many years ago, i read a review of “kew rhone” by blegvad and john greaves. the reviewer was struck by blegvad’s lyrics, citing this line in particular:
    “peels foe, not a set animal, laminates a tone of sleep”
    the following issue, blegvad wrote to thank the reviewer for the kind words, and to ask if he realised the sentence he’d picked was a palindrome. he concluded his letter by saying “coming up with that sentence kept me out of trouble for two weeks”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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