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    max – John Cale – look out in january 2010. he may come down under although who knows if he’ll be checking out nz.

    Thanks for the heads up. There’s no publicity about an impending tour, although stores already have windows that scream Christmas! The year has accelerated away, leaving me beside a toppled bicycle.

    I’ve been listening to Cale’s ‘Circus Live’, which isn’t as compelling as the two bootlegs I have from twenty years earlier, however he remains the real deal in a room of pretenders.

    Echo & the Bunnymen have confirmed a gig in Auckland next February. It’s my least favourite New Zealand city, one that aspires to world city status but can’t maintain water, power, or sewage reticulation (and there’s a lot of sewage in Auckland). But the Bunnymen are a wonderful band, principally because they write and play from their age rather than a specious youth.



    yesterday i saw the unthanks playing a gig in berlin. the venue wasn’t the best place for that kind of music. too cold and without any atmosphere, but the music did it for me and listening to the sisters beautiful voices captured not only me. the musicians were great , too. if you are familiar with their kind of music i think it is not necessary to say that the concert was haunting. unfortunately they did not play robert wyatt’s sea song. that was the only dissapointment of this evening. instead they played a very interesting version of the beatles’ sexy sadie.

    their supporters were Jonny kearney and lucy farrell. and they were great, too. it wasn’t very hard to fell in love with the beautiful voice of lucy farrell and the songs of jonny kearney. in the same vein as the music of the unthanks, but more reduced. just the voice and the guitar (and sometimes the fiddle).


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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