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    This project seems perfect for discussion here; after all, it’s a collaboration between three considerable figures. Yet I’ve little to say. Simply, I find the album doesn’t touch me. I remain outside. No ghosts stir within. The pieces seem pleasant, yes, but so polite that I start fiddling with a magazine and even consider tidying the living room because the music operates as a soundtrack (ie. it requires external if humdrum action) rather than a meditation. Because I’ve not had this response to any earlier release from Robert I’m disappointed by my disappointment.



    i am still unable to say if i like this album or not. until now it doesn’t touched me like most of the wyatt albums do. even when the music isn’t ”good enough for itself”, always wyatt’s voice is affecting. i can’t find it in here. after i have read your posting i was listening to the album once again. you said the album sounds polite. in some way it does.
    another listening expierience was to listen to the album while reading claude lanzmann’s memoirs. when he writes about israel and his film shoah, it seems that some of the music on this album fits thereto. i think we have to consider the album more like a collaboration than as a normal, own ”wyatt” album. and for sure the album will sell more copies if the name ”wyatt” is used.



    I’ve only slightly enjoyed Robert’s last few albums but even then there were always great tracks. However, this one sounds like a retreat to me. I can only compare it to Joni Mitchell’s similarly dire re-treading of standards and her own back catalogue in twilight of her career. I’ve loved his music so much over the years and will still continue to do so but this one won’t be any where near the top of my list.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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