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    Robert Wyatt will release a new album on October 11, entitled For The Ghosts Within.


    Billed as a



    From ClashMusic.com:

    Legendary vocalist and songwriter Robert Wyatt has taken part in an inventive new collaborative project.

    Robert Wyatt is simply one of Britain’s finest vocalists. Sure, he may not be able to reach the soaring falsettos he previously could, but age has opened up a new love of bass tones which has marked his music.

    With a keen love for collaborations, Robert Wyatt has joined forces with saxophonist / composer Gilad Atzmon and violinist / composer Ros Stephen.

    The trio share a love for jazz standards, yet all three have extremely distinctive musical voices. The result is an intoxicating song cycle, which alternates between originals sculpted by Robert Wyatt and standards such as ‘Round Midnight’.

    All three are close friends, with the group sharing recording sessions before. However this is the first time the trio have focussed on new material together, with Ros Stephen explaining that the recording process was extremely unusual.

    “The creation of the album was a slightly unconventional process. We started by recording the string quartet and bass (Ros Stephen, Tom Piggott-Smith, Rachel Robson, Daisy Vatalaro and Richard Pryce) at Eastcote Studios in London, engineered by Phillip Bagenal.”

    “It was logistically impossible for Robert to be there, so the day before we recorded he sang the tunes into my answer phone to help us get the right tempos and feel




    I first met Robert and Alfie in 2007 at Lyth Arts Centre in North East Scotland, which is run by Alfie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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