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    The Orchestra Nationale de Jazz from Paris released a cd with new arrangements of Robert Wyatt music in 2009.
    They will perform these on June 14th in the Muziektheater aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. With guests Eric Truffaz on trumpet and singer/songwriter Perry Blake. They expect Robert will be there as guest of honour.
    < !## m ##>http://bimhuis.com/gigs/orchestre-national-de-jazz< !## m ##>
    < !## m ##>http://www.hollandfestival.nl/page.ocl? … &show=4449< !## m ##>

    Anyway, going to see Comicoperanda live tonight in the Bimhuis!



    Dutch Radio 6 VPRO recorded the `Around Robert Wyatt`concert from tthe Holland Festival performed at the `Bimhuis` / Amsterdam.
    They broadcasted the concert 2 weeks ago , but you can still hear it at : vprojazzlive.radio6.nl
    Lots of Wyatt singing along with the Orcestra de Jazz from France ( prerecorded, though)
    peter v doorm

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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