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    … has come and gone. some real highs and lows in there. 2008 was a tough one for the music scene, losing, among others, freddie hubbard, delaney bramlett, bo diddley, lars holmer, jimmy carl black and others. the britney spears and other “celebrities” continue to churn out sleezoid/cheezoid manufactured sounds while real music languishes, for the most part, on the sidelines, heard only by a dedicated few (like us folks here!)
    but it wasn’t all bad. some great cds made it into this household, some being:
    sun ra – disco 3000
    john cale – circus live
    nik bartsch’s ronin – holon ( a new discovery for me )
    henry cow – stockholm & gotenborg (vol 6 of the upcoming 9 cd/1 dvd box set coming soon. this disc was an early teaser, and if the rest of the box is like this, i’m going to be needing a change of underwear.)
    dave holland quintet – extended play.
    my personal highpoint of 2008 was the closing concert of the 25th edition of the festival internationale de musique actuelle de victoriaville (or fimav as it’s affectionately known)). the festival organiser had wanted to present a concert by the art bears, but dagmar was unable to participate, so instead we were presented with a concert by “art bears songbook”, a group featuring chris cutler, fred frith, zeena parkins,and filling in for dagmar, carla kihlstedt on violin and vocals, and kristin slipp and jewlia eisenberg on vocals,



    Zeebras, I envy your access to concerts. In New Zealand we see few quality jazz performers. Promoters concentrate on mainstream poppers like Elton John, who lumbers through with monotonous regularity, and the latest hip hop nonentity. Then again, even if the venue was down the street (which it isn’t) I’d feel excluded.

    Speaking of exclusions, for me the musical absences of 2009 were Esbjorn Svensson (he really should have tied himself to the mast, thwarting the call of the sirens) and, as you note, the liquid Freddie Hubbard. When he played I saw the oceans on fire.



    yes, zeebras the year wasn’t all bad.

    i am still a bit sad that i wasn’t in frankfurt at the jazzfestival, but i really had a few concert highlights like p j harvey performing solo or seeing old sonny rollins still ‘rolling’.

    listening to a band ( or just a kind of project, no, just a family playing music) called big blood ( http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu … =139053583 ) , which i just discovered this year ( and their forerunner band cerberus shoal, too), was always pleasure. just listen to the cover of

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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