A Beautiful Peace

Oh look, there’s a dead rabbit,ג€¦ all flat,ג€¦ completely flat…ג€¦ Oh there’s another oneג€¦…
What’s in the gutter… oh it’s aג€¦ one of those polystyreneג€¦ um boxesג€¦ that’s allג€¦ take away… there’s chips in thereג€¦ didn’t really want to finish the chipsג€¦ that’s unusualג€¦…

I’ve been walking for hours,
Needed a rest.
Take a good look around,
Nowhere to rest.

There’s a shop
Selling gentlemen’s suits.
Further along
An estate agent or two.

And a take-away sign
Over a dusty door.
Shiny photos of food,
Slightly microwaved.

There’s a Methodist hall.
No Smoking
No Dogs
In the Methodist hall.

It looks pretty grim
In the Methodist hall,
Despite a poster which says that
“He’s There for Us All”

And it’s a beatuful day,
For walking away

Its’s a beautiful day,
But not there.